single file for each project

(Note: I tried to find the wiki mentioned in the sticky post, but it says ‘file not found’)

Having to keep the .aup file and data files together is a REAL pain. Surely there is some way to keep a project in a single file. I’m a software developer, but not that familiar with Mac/Windows… but on Mac, isn’t there a package you can create that looks like a single file and copies like a single file?

Guys, I love the product - been using it for years. But this feature is really needed. Apologies if this has been requested already.

Yes, but probably not the way you mean.

It is recommended that you Zip the combination into one “entity” archive for shipping or storage.

If you find yourself using Audacity Projects a great deal, you might want to question why. It is also recommended you Export WAV (Microsoft) files of important work. Those make terrific archives, edit and transmission masters.