Single Channel Recordings

How can I split a single track recording into 2 tracks? Also, back in the day I used a Yamaha 4 track to record live music. I have a cassette with a live performance on 1 track (left) and the right channel of Who’s Next. Can I get rid of the who and split the single track?

You mean that you want to split a stereo track so that the left channel becomes one mono track, and the right channel becomes a second, independent, mono track?

In Audacity 1.3
Click on the track name and select “split stereo track” from the drop down menu.
Then click on the track name of one of the tracks and select “Mono” from the menu.
Then click on the track name of the other track and select “mono” for that one.

Audacity 1.3.8 (alpha) introduces a new feature “Split Stereo to Mono” which allows this to be done in one step instead of 3 steps.

I guess the play back is reading stereo but it is actually just 1 track (left) and nothing on the right. I want what’s on the left channel to also play on the right.

I’ve had a revelation concerning the single track and I will go back and record that in mono, but I’m still in the dark concerning the tape I have with The Who on 1 channel and the thing I want to record on the other. Please advise.

Haven’t I answered that already? If not, could you try to describe the problem again as I obviously don’t understand what you are asking.