Single audio track option only - USB mixer


I have a SubZero SZ-08USB mixer connected to my laptop, and trying to record three separate audio tracks.

I downloaded a driver: SubZero SZ-AI2 2x2 USB Audio Interface Driver & Control Panel

However, when I go into preferences: devices: recording - it only comes up with mono or stereo, and not the 4 tracks you would expect to see.

I should add that the mixer device is visible in Audacity.

I spoke to someone from Gear4Music (who I bought the equipment from) on the phone and they said I have set everything up correctly, but sounded like a computer/driver issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Probably an ASIO driver: for legal reasons Audacity does not come with ASIO capability .

Further reading … Multi-channel Recording - Audacity Manual

Audacity’s competitor OCENaudio is compatible with ASIO, (you may need to install ASIO4ALL).