Since updating yesterday, I seemed to have lost about 10 minutes of recorded track

Frame issue detected with your audio file - please ensure the duration 01:26:59 matches the duration you expect.
If you can verify the audio we’ve processed is correct, you can close this message. If not, please try the upload again using the replace audio function. If you continue to have issues, please contact support.
I have no idea what or where to find such a function!
Note: after using Audacity for about 8 years without trouble, I was confronted with the above message. I need to combine 2 one-hour hour recordings each 58:57 in duration, into a single file and post the combined file on facebook. I have been at two radio stations when this process has been in place. The usual combined totals 1:52 to 1:54.
Going through the self same Audacity process, the total time was 1:26:59 .
And that my dear colleagues Is my problem. I not ALL that computer literate so please help!!
Many thanks

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