Since moving to V3, several plugins have stopped working

Once Audacity moved to V3, I lost the usage of several plug-ins. These are plug-ins that I have used without problem with Audacity until V3. I am mostly interested in getting one that is a major part of my workflow which is Tom Barans/oli Larkin’s Autotalent for pitchshifting snippets to an octave. I am unsure how to get these working again and where to start with troubleshooting it. It says that it is loaded but nothing happens when I try to run it. I have tried putting it in the appdata folder, and then it gave one error about not having the library then i tried putting it in other appdata folders and it says the plugin is incompatible. This plugin has worked with Audacity for a long time, how could I get started in troubleshooting this?

Oli Larkin’s Autotalent is a 32-bit plugin,
and will only run on the 32-bit version of Audacity.

Audacity 3 is available in 32-bit & 64-bit versions,
the 64-bit version is served -up by default.
You have to seek out the 32-bit version …

32-bit plugins will not run on 64-bit Audacity.

32-bit Audacity will run on 64-bit operating system.

A possible replacement for oli Larkin’s Autotalent is the free version of Graillon2.

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