Simultaneously Make and Record a Sound?

Hi Y’all

I am currently conducting an experiment which requires the use of audacity to simultaneously make (a tone of a specific frequency) and record a sound using an external source (a pair of speakers) but I’m not sure how.

Any help is greatly appreciated


To do that you need to “overdub”.

First you record, import or generate the sound that you want to play so that it exists as a track in Audacity.
Ensure that “Overdub” is enable in the Transport menu and “Software Playthrough” is disabled in the same menu.
Then record.
Note that if you need to hear the track that is playing in Audacity (I presume that you do), and you are recording with a microphone, then you must listen to the track that is playing with headphones (not loudspeakers). If you attempt to play the first track through speakers then it will be picked up by the microphone and will either cause an echo in the new recording, or may cause howling feedback (a very loud wailing noise).

I’m not so sure that’s what the problem is. That solution is assuming you made the tone last week or some time in the past. You can’t generate a tone live at the exact time you record some performance. All you can do is play an existing tone back.

That may work for you.


If we’re repeatedly missing it, then you need to be more specific exactly what you want and why.


Thanks for the reply guys.

I’m not able to test out those methods at the moment, I’ll get back to youse when I can.

Thanks again