Simultaneous Recording

This may be a pretty simple question to answer. I recently purchased the Line6 USB recording interface. It came with Ableton Live, but I have found Audacity to be much more user friendly for basic recording. I have had no problems recording a guitar track and then going back and putting down the vocals & other tracks. However, i’d like to be able to recording vocals while recording guitar at the same time.

I’ve tried everything I can to set up the preferences to allow for recording vocals & guitars at the same time but cannot seem to get it to work. From what i’ve read online, it may not be possible with the Audacity software to do that but thought i’d check with the forum and see if anyone else has figured it out.


In Audacity you can only select one recording source at a time, so you can’t select your Line6 USB recording interface AND your other soundcard at the same time.

If you are able to hear your guitar through your computer speakers while using the Line6, then you may be able to get Audacity to record both, if your soundcard allows you to record “What You Hear” (available on most SoundBlaster cards). Note that you will have to monitor via headphones if you do this, otherwise you will get feedback.

Even if this does work, both the vocals and guitar will be mixed together on the same track.

If the Line6 also has an audio out, you could use a simple mixer, pan the guitar to one side and the vocal to the other and record as a stereo track. Once recorded you could split the stereo track into 2 mono tracks and pan them wherever you like.

I think you may be able to do what you are asking with the freeware multitracker Krystal. You could then export the recordings as wav files for editing in Audition.