Simulated stereo??

Several times I have had to clone the good track from a stereo recording because the other track was trashed with noise.
Easy enough but the result is a dead sounding mono and this is really displeasing to the ear.
Is there an effect that can ad some depth for a sudo stereo?

Yes, but to find it in a search you need to spell pseudo correctly :wink:
Instructions for installing:

Hey gimme a break; Linux does strange things to you. :wink:

Thanks, will give it a try.

Hey, it sounds great!

I’m after a dry studio like sound and so it took some tweaking but with Delay at 10% and effect mix at 50% it really does have a nice stereo sound now.
Another addition to my bag of tricks. :slight_smile:
This effect should be included with Audacity.

Feel free to suggest that here: