Simply adding sound to newly created mp3

I am brand new to Audacity and have a job to narrate lessons for a customer. I was practicing reading with a microphone. I read one paragraph. I’m easily able to go in and delete dead air but what if I need to add or redo a small part in the middle of the paragraph? I plant my cursor right where I want to add sound and then what?

  • Press Ctrl + i to split the track (or Edit menu > Clip Boundaries > Split)
  • Use the Time Shift tool to slide the later part of your recording to the right, and leave plenty of space for your inserted recording.
  • Press the Record key (shortcut “R”) and record your new bit. It will record onto a new track.
  • Press the Stop key (or spacebar).
  • Trim the tracks as necessary and slide the parts into position to get a smooth flow in the playback. The Quick Play feature can be helpful for checking the sound at the joins (