Simplifying Audacity


I am trying to create a simplified version of audacity for the highly specialized purpose of simple speech recording by non-professionals. I am following the instruction
from I can successfully hide entire menus like Generate and Analyize, as well as certain sub-items by translating the strings to “!” (see attached screenshot). However, I cannot hide any of the items in the Effects menu - they just start to appear as “!”.

What is the correct way to accomplish this? Thanks!

I confirm your findings.

I would guess “simplifying” is not implemented for individual effects because of the way individual effect menu items are added on the fly, but that is no more than a guess. I’ll see if I can find anything out.

Note you can hide the entire effect menu by “translating” Effe&ct" as “!”.


James (the developer who wrote this feature) has made a fix for this. Please try it and post here if you have problems: .


Thank you for the quick fix!

I just tested it and can confirm it works fine now. Since we are planning to redistribute this simplified version (the custom en-simple translation and audacity.cfg), both for Windows and MacOSX, would you suggest:

Thanks for testing.

You could patch the 2.0.4 tag with r12584, but then About Audacity would show 2.0.4. That isn’t really correct because this would be a code change to 2.0.4 and not just the addition of an extra language folder and a modified .cfg. If you do that I would prefer you modify src/audacity.h so that it displays 2.0.5-alpha.

On balance I would suggest this time around that you redistribute this as 2.0.5-alpha based on the current HEAD code. That way you’ll get a fix for excessively loud dither and you’ll avoid the import crashes that are affecting some users on Mac. If you wait till 03:15 GMT tomorrow you can get a pre-compiled Mac binary from .

Note that if you use 2.0.4 for Windows or the Windows 2.0.5-alpha “nightly build” I posted, you may run into WDM-KS problems (though this is much rarer than the Mac issue). The only way round that at present is to disable WDM-KS, in which case you could distribute if anyone has WDM-KS problems. That will not have the dither fix but won’t have the slight hang or crash risk.


Also I’d be interested in knowing the needs of the user group you are catering for and which menu items you are hiding.


Thanks for your reply,

We will go for using the latest pre-compiled binaries that you provide for both OSes, just adding the en-simple translation.

We are the team of – a platform for audio versions of online articles. We would like to offer to our network of “audiolizers” a simplified Audacity version, highly specialized for home speech recordings.

I will soon post a link to a compiled installer of the simplified version.
I attach the simplified .po file that we created after consulting with audio recording professionals. However, it will be very helpful for us to get some additional ideas - the goal is to provide non-professionals with the simplest possible UI for the purpose of speech recordings at home. (44.5 KB)