Simple way to bass boost advice needed


what would be the best way to bass boost a track without losing the crisp highs and normal mids?

I don’t want to over amp, just bring tracks into the normal range.

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There’s lots of fancy ways to do this, but you should probably try Effect > Bass and Treble first. The Start Playback button lets you hear your adjustment without constantly closing and reopening the effect.

Bass is tricky because it takes up a lot of room on the timeline. You can easily get overload by boosting bass. Select [X] Link Volume… and it will automatically adjust the volume to keep you out of trouble.

Set View > Show Clipping and Audacity will put red marks in the timeline at the places you’re likely to have loud sound damage.

Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 10.50.14.png
How are you listening? Good quality headphones or large speaker system are handy for tone controls. If your speakers can’t play bass notes, you can make a lot of damage that you won’t be able to hear.


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Using hyperx cloud headsets or creative gigaworks t40 2 series speakers

It will “try” to keep you out of trouble.
It is not possible for the effect to know ‘exactly’ how much to adjust the volume to compensate for tonal adjustments. When “Link Volume” is enabled, the volume will be automatically adjusted to compensate, but it’s only an approximation - you have to remain awake :wink:

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Compress the bass frequency range (<200Hz) only, & apply some make-up gain to that range …