Simple recording question here, please help!

I am using audacity to record my podcast, but now I have a second person with me. I have one computer and two USB headsets. How do I record both at the same time? Is there a way? I just need to record two people at the same time, basically record our conversation and I have no idea how to. Please Help me. Thank you so much

Audacity can only record from one device at a time, so it is not possible to use 2 USB microphones simultaneously with Audacity (unless someone develops a a virtual device that can accept the input from two USB devices and present them to Audacity as one device… but I’ve never heard of such a thing).

The easiest way would be to sit with your co-star around a small table with the microphone in the middle so that it picks up both voices. Alternatively you can record one voice, then record the other, then edit the two together (a technique that is commonly used for TV interviews).