simple question:can i normalise 2 different audio levels??

hi guys,

just a bit of a noob question,

We have been using audacity for our recording and editing of our podcast gaming show…
(up to number 5 in uk itunes charts already)

simple questions guys , as I have been in charge of editing for the past few shows, and i have a simple question that I hope you can help me with,
obviously when we record our individual audio tracks off skype, using audacity, when it comes to the editing part we end up with all different levels of audio, some quite , some loud…you get the idea.

well I was wondering is there a simple 1 button (or few button) press that would normalise all my individual audio tracks to all be at the same level, before i begin my editing.

Just that sometimes our audio is so far out sometimes, loud/quite it can sound pretty poor some weeks,

so any help guys would really be appreciated.


and all welcome to listen to teh show…on itunes now…:slight_smile:

Yes, open the audacity project, press [ctrl]+a (to highlight everything), and then click Effects → Normalize and use whatever settings you want (I recommend leaving “remove DC offset” turned ON).

Each track will be normalized individually and all will peak at the same level. Since loudness isn’t exactly related to amplitude, you will still have to adjust the gain on each track a bit, but normalizing will get you in the ballpark.