Simple "instant and real time selection" play

Hi guys

Id like to switch from wavosaur to audacity for audio editing (no multitrack etc atm).
I miss one thing, the simplicity of wavosaur as for selecting and playing. What id like is that :

  • i select a region (click and drag mouse)
  • i press “space” and it plays that region looped (i already changed the kb shortcut accordingly but its not a toggle so i cannot stop or pause with the same key)
  • while still playing i need to be able to modify the start / end points, if possible dragging the region itself, not the arrows on the ruler (to ba able to do that i also need the waveform NOT to scroll)

Is that possible ?

Thanks & cheers

Unless you are planning to be regularly switching between Audacity and Wavosaur, I’d suggest that you use the (default) spacebar for play and stop. While it may take a little while to get used to, in the long run I think you’ll appreciate the convenience of one big, easy to find key for play, stop, stop record, loop play (with shift).

The arrows in the timeline indicate the “play region”. To adjust the region that plays, you have to change the play region. So the short answer is “no, use the arrows”.
You can set the selection to move in synch with the play region: Right click on the timeline > “Enable dragging selection” (Timeline - Audacity Manual)