SIMPLE Editing

I am asking for SIMPLE instructions. Not modern SIMPLE, but classical, SIMPLE.

I have noise in the first few seconds of a recording which I want to delete. I want to delete the noise, not delete the recording.

I have tried to figure this out and what I have found is NOT SIMPLE. It is generally jargon based, which is NOT SIMPLE. Insider language is discriminatory and excludes people, frequently. It should ONLY be used among those with a common knowledge. The majority of people, in my experiences in life, cannot comprehend SIMPLICITY and, like thugs, are more than rarely abusive, in writing, to those of us who are older and who were raised to explain things carefully and clearly, not to be presumptuous.

I will not waste time here with thugs. So, if anyone knows how to be SIMPLE, then please, proceed to inform me, step by step what to do, WITHOUT presuming that I understand recording jargon or that I am a computer whiz. If not, then forgive me for bothering you all here. Thank you.

I can import the recording I want to edit to remove the early noise, I just cannot figure out how to delete the section that I want to delete. I think this should be a rather simple straight forward process, but I cannot figure it out.

First you have to select the region of audio you want to delete. Then delete.
There’s more than one way select, & there’s more than one way to delete.
Here’s the most explicit way : with all steps shown.
#1 Using the computer mouse, move the cursor on the screen to the point in the audio which is the end of the bit you want to delete, then press the left mouse-button.
#2 choose “Track start to cursor” from the Edit menu.
#3 Then choose “Delete” from edit menu …
Demo of how to delete bit at start (longwinded).gif
There are quicker methods : select region by dragging the cursor with left mouse-button pressed, (then release the mouse button), then press the “delete” key on your keyboard.