Simple edit Issue for a newb [SOLVED]

Hi. I was looking for some help please how best to attack this type of waveform in a speech recording? Thanks. The majority of the recording is fine but there are these occasional extremes.

I am using win10 and Audacity 2.3.1


how to edit.png

That looks like “wind blast”. Does it occur at the start of words beginning with “P” and/or “B”, and does it sound like a thump?
If so, then the cause is due to the person’s breath blasting onto the microphone. To avoid that, you should use a “pop filter” (also called a “pop screen”). See:

Pop screens are fairly inexpensive, or you can make a DIY version from a wire coat hanger and a piece of fabric from a (clean) stocking.

To improve a recording that has already been made, you can use the Equalization effect with the “Low roll-off for speech” setting:

Prevention is better than cure, so buying (or making) a pop shield is highly recommended.

A very belated thank you!!