Simple Copy/Paste question - Please Help!

Hello. Please take a look at the picture. I think that it is a simple question, but I absolutely don’t know how to use Audacity and I’m using it now only for this one thing that I want to do.

The first track is my mix.
The second track is the updated end of a mix.

So I want to copy the second track to the end of a first track. The tricky part here is that I don’t know how to copy it precisely. There is no drag and drop function as in Ableton Live. If I just find a spot on the first track and press ctrl+v I will never do it precesily. There should be some other way. Please help.

Use the Time Shift tool to slide the new piece into the correct time alignment’, then delete the old part that you no longer want.
You may find this tutorial helpful to get started with editing:

You may find it helpful to mark the exact place in the top track with a label ( position the cursor there and use Ctrl+B ).

Then when you slide the bottom track along it should get sticky as the start of the track approaches the label, you should see a vertical yellow line.


I found a different way. I exported again the whole mix, not only the end. And so the second track went exactly like the first and it was easy to match the precision. Great! Thank you for suggestions.