Simple Batch Processing?

I come from years of using Sound Forge and now need to do some basic batch effects processes.

In this case all I’m looking to do is change the speed of a file while maintaining the pitch. In Sound Forge this is a pretty simple process.

I can’t figure it out in Audacity. I Edit Chains and I know once I get done I Apply Chains … To Files and that would do it.

However, instead of getting an interface to ask me what settings I want for Change Speed it appears I need to learn how to program in Nyquist? Is that correct?

If so, can someone give me an example of a Change Speed snippet that also maintains the pitch? That’s all I need to do to these files. Thanks.

I suspect you are not double-clicking Change Tempo in the “Select Command” window so as to add it to the “Command” box so you could then edit its parameters. Only selecting the command has no effect.

If you click “Edit Parameters” with no command loaded then you will get a window to enter Nyquist code. You don’t need that given you can use Change Tempo.

I know this is not very intuitive but it is the same principle as in the main Chain window (double-click, or select then use Space).

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PS Please don’t post the same question under another thread an hour later as it creates confusion for people answering the questions. I deleted that other post.

Thanks. That did it. Much appreciated.