Similar size of wav files(my strange trouble))

Hello. I recently had a problem when I updated EdoCity It does not matter how many files I mix, whether one or a hundred numbers are exported in wav format, 64bit, with a size of 43.9 MB!
The number of duplicate files and other changes does not matter.
I don’t know what the other formats or qualities are like because it does not matter to me
I spent a lot of time making files. Then I realized this problem :sob:

I also tried 16bit quality I mixed 100 files, the final project size was 11 MB I mixed five numbers, it was still 11 MB! While it should not be so

:confused: Do you mean “when I updated Audacity”?

The size of a WAV file is mostly down to the number of audio samples (there’s also metadata and “headers” in WAV files that add a bit to the file size, but usually that is insignificant).

The size of the audio data can be calculated exactly:
Number-of-samples x Number-of-channels x Number-of-bytes-per-sample = Size-in-bytes

The number of samples can be calculated:
Sample Rate x Duration in seconds = Number of samples

So, for example, if the duration is 10 seconds, the sample rate 44100 Hz, stereo (2 channels), and it’s a 16-bit WAV (2 bytes per sample)
then the size will be:
10 x 44100 x 2 x 2 = 1764000 Bytes = ~ 1.7 MB