silent recording

Is it possible to keep my volume turned all the way down and still get a recording?
The project I am trying to do is to record an audio book, but I need to work during the process and do not want to hear it as audacity captures the tracks
I am new at audacity and I tried recording a track, but I think that when I turned the volume all the way off it no longer did any recording
Thanks for your help

It’s not possible using Audacity on Windows Vista, 7 or later. It’s possible using Audacity on Windows XP by turning the “Master” playback slider down in Sounds and Audio Devices in the Windows Control Panel.

On Vista and later you could try Sound Leech or unplug the speakers if they are separate.


You could plug a pair of headphones into the headphone socket without puttind them on your head (but you may still hear those, albeit quieter) - or better still try a simple jack plug with no wires connected plugged in the headphone socket.