Silent Brass on Windows 10

I am trying to record my horn onto Audacity through my Silent Brass system. I have the requisite electronics package and everything that is needed to do so, but for some reason I can’t get Audacity to register the input from the Silent Brass. Any help on this one? Something obvious that I’m just not doing?

From the instructions, I would be connecting the Headphones Out of the Studio Suite STX-2 to the Stereo Line In of your computer. If your computer has no Stereo Line-In (sometimes blue), you may need to make one with a Behringer UCA-202 or equivalent.

If you’re using the Mute pickup only, you may be able to connect that to the pink Mic-In of your computer.

You may need to supply an audio cable like this.

Make sure Windows sees the connection and that the music appears there before you try Audacity.


I couldn’t find any technical information about the connections, etc. (I guess Koz found something.)

If you have a newer laptop computer with a combination headphone/microphone jack you need a special TRRS (4 conductor) plug adapter to make the mic connection. (You can plug regular headphones into the combo jack.)

But in any case, the mic input on regular soundcard or laptop is not the correct interface for a stage/studio microphone (or for a line-level signal).

The line-input on a desktop/tower computer is OK, if your Silent Brass system has a line-level or headphone-level signal.

(I guess Koz found something.)

I’m pulling most of that out of my…ear. I found some documentation on the Yamaha pages.

Silent Brass system has a line-level or headphone-level signal.

It does if you use the Studio Suite accessory. If you get the juice from the microphone itself, my guess is it’s going to need the soundcard battery and microphone amplification, just like any other computer microphone.

a special TRRS (4 conductor) plug adapter

Oh, right. I forgot about that.


We’re guessing that you mean that you have a “Yamaha Silent Brass™ Pickup Mute” with the “Yamaha Personal Studio™ STX-2” ?
If so, did you read in the user manual:

Do not connect the PHONES jack to a microphone jack (or
mic/line jack) on a computer audio interface, mixer, etc.,
that supplies power to the connected device (plug-in-power,
phantom power, etc.). Doing so may result in malfunction.

This is where you drop in and tell us exactly what you’re doing and how.


For those who just bought a Silent Brass Mute because of the pandemic and want to know how to connect it to your computer for zoom lessons, here is how to do it!!

If you are using a newer laptop that has only one headphone/microphone jack (for example HP Notebooks using windows 10), you WILL need an “audio interface” when you purchase your Silent Brass mute. Though there are many different interfaces (some cheap and some very expensive), I have found a very very cheap one for about 20USD on amazon. I will leave a link!!!

I have tried countless ways to connect my mute to my Windows 10 laptop.
1st try: I plugged it directly into the laptop with a regular auxiliary cable, but it didn’t recognize that I plugged in a microphone. So, I was told to buy a trrs cable. This cable is a 4-contact cable (used for modern iPhone headphones with mic) that allows you to use a mic.
2nd try: I bought a trrs auxiliary cable, but it still didn’t make a sound. It did register that I had a mic plugged into the laptop, but there still was no sound.
3rd try: FINALLY!! I decided to buy an external audio interface which finally worked! The one I bought is a simple plug and play!

Anyone who wants to use your Silent Brass Mute as a microphone for your laptop, this is the way!

Here is the link: