Silencing the Click Track

:question: I generate a Click Track so that I’m sure to keep my timing consistant but I can’t figure out how to prevent the Click Track transfering onto the next track I’m recording.

I used Audacity regularly a while back but I’m returning to recording after a long break. I’m sure I used to know the solution to this but it must have fallen out of my brain. Is there anyone here who would be willing to stuff the info back in please? :slight_smile:

If not then my recordings will all go click click click or pluck pluck pluck or else the vocals on my recordings will start off at the right tempo and end at a gallop! :frowning:


You need to set your sound card recording input to the input that you are actually using (for example “mic” or “Line in”) and not have it set to “Stereo Mix”.

You may find this tutorial helpful: