I run Audacity 2.2.1 on two computers - a PC running XP and my laptop running Windows 10. My main use is recording radio programmes to save as MP3s. I have sound activated recording switched on as my wifi is not always reliable. When I press the record button on my PC (XP) it automatically inserts a half a second silence before the recording starts but this does not happen on my laptop (W10). I like the inserted silence. How can I make this happen on the laptop?

How about inserting a half second of silence with Audacity before exporting to MP3?


Hi Edwinn

Thanks. I’m doing that but I just wondered why the two programmes acted differently and if there was a way to change it.

That shouldn’t happen. There’s something wrong (broken or set incorrectly) with the sound system on that machine, but if you like the behaviour, don’t change anything.

I’ve no idea how, or even if it is possible, to recreate that fault on your other machine, so I’d stick with inserting half a second manually.

Ah. I didn’t realise it was a fault. I thought it was an option somewhere.

Thanks for the replies.

Audacity is brilliant!