Silence trail following multiple track exports

I have a Lenovo Yoga i7 with 8gb ram and plenty of drive space; widows 10 and audacity 2.1.1

So I have a ~150 minute track compiled and labeled. When I export multiple tracks, the software exports all the files audio successfully. the problem is each track then contains the following silence to the end of the entire track. So track 1 has all the silence of the rest of the compilation once its done playing. Track 2 has all the silence minus track 1’s time. Track 3 has all the silence minus track 1 and 2’s time… so on and etc. Is that a setting I’ve missed? Anyone seen that before?

I have a ~150 minute track compiled and labeled.

Can we assume you didn’t do that all on one track left to right, but instead stacked them top to bottom? I remember there’s a trick to this. Each track will not see the labels on the other tracks, so it won’t know when to stop.

Try selecting all the tracks and then Export Multiple.


Export Multiple completely ignores whether tracks are selected or not.

Also Export Multiple can’t export by labels and tracks, only by labels or tracks.

It sounds like this problem: Assuming you want to use the label track for the track names, Edit > Select > All then Tracks > Mix and Render to make one track, then Export Multiple.

This problem will be fixed in the next 2.1.3 version of Audacity, when that is released.


Sorry for the huge delay on response but that’s the issue exactly. It is not all on one track but has been stacked on multiple tracks. I wondered what the issue might be.

Thanks for the workaround. Good to know there’s a solution on update. I should check for update.