Silence required at beginning and end of track

Using Audacity 2.0.0 on windows 7 I imported a stereo file of my keyboard playing from a Zoom R16 digital recorder via the computer. Following Audacity instructions I cut of the dead air and unwanted sections at the beginning and end of the file. This also cut out the 1 second or so silent lead in and the usual 2 or 3 second silence a the end. When I exported the file back back to the computer and played it using the media player it started playing straight away with no pause after the previous tune and then again without pause it went on to the next tune. I did work out a way to put a 1 second silence at the beginning of the Audacity file by moving the time line to the right but can not figure out how to have the cursor stop 3 seconds after the audio has finished. Is there a way to finalize a file in Audacity in in a manner that would provide these silences?

Generate > Silence. Click in the track where you want to insert the silence. Alternatively, you can press K on the keyboard to place the cursor at the end of the track.


Can this be done via a chain command? I have looked into both 2.0 and audacity-1.3.14-unicode-alpha_ffmpeg_uncompressed_export_chains but apparently there’s no command for this.

Currently no, though if you build Audacity from the source code then there is a patch available (I’ll look for the link if you need it) that gives support for Nyquist plug-ins in Chains and there is a Nyquist plug-in available for adding silence (again I’ll look for the link if you need it).

Thanks for suggestion, steve. It’s not that important feature, rather nice to have. I have imported 50 tracks and added 1 second silence to all.

I’m hoping that this feature will be available in Audacity as standard in the not too distant future. Anyhow, glad you’ve got the job done.