Silence problem

Hi guys,

I just installed the latest Audacity for my latest macbook pro (which has the latest OS X), and while I recorded a 1-hour audio file, it got some problem.

When I hit stop after the 1 hour, it said something like: “too much processing capability required” or something like that.

And there are some parts of the audio which has some “black signals”, I don’t know what that means, and when there is these black signals, there is nothing but silence.

I created a screenshot about it.

I have to add to the story that my mac gone 2 times to sleep - but when a mac goes to sleep, the active programs should still run.

Please help me, I’m really sad because it was a really important audio file :frowning:

You can see the screenshot about the “black flags” here:

“black signals” mark dropouts
https ://

Right-click on the Audacity icon in the Applications folder, select “Get Info” from the context menu, then check “Prevent App Nap”.

Don’t let your Mac go to sleep while recording. Change the sleep settings in System Preferences > Energy Saving, or occasionally tweak the touchpad.

Try the suggestions here.

– Bill