Silence problem

I’m trying to silence approximately half a second of a file. I select it and then hit the silence button but then nothing happens. What am I doing wrong.

The “Silence Button” is Command-L or Control-L. It’s two buttons. Koz

I don’t know which button you are pressing, but Audacity does not have a “silence button”.
Have a look at the picture on this page and you may be able to identify what the button that you are clicking is actually for (click on the control in the picture for details)

To silence the selected audio: “Edit > Remove Audio > Silence Audio”
or use the shortcut: Ctrl+L

i feel like im losing my mind- i go under edit- choose track start till cursor- after choosing an area i want deleted or silent- then i hit edit again and cant find remove audio in menu- ive done it before- can anyone help me- i know i can go control L but i just want to find remove agin for my sanity- steve p

I think you’re looking for:
Edit menu > Remove Audio >