silence prefixed to exported mp3

Hi all,

I’m new to audacity (in the software sense), please forgive if this question has been asked before.

I’ve been spending many hours today making ringtones from various music files and exporting them as mp3s. (MacOS 10.8.5, audacity 2.0.4 from .dmg plus LAME and ffmpeg libraries.) I am extracting short snippets designed to loop as seamlessly as possible (following the editing instructions from the ringtone tutorial). The editing procedure works great, but when I open (using audacity) the new ringtone mp3 files I have exported they now contain about 0.05 seconds of dead silence right at the beginning that was not in the snippet I saved. Besides upsetting the loop timing, the silence gap is quite noticeable. Any idea how to keep this initial silence out of my saved files?


This is a “feature” of MP3 files I’m afraid - and Audacity can’t correct for this.

Are there alternative file formats that your phone(s) will accept for ringtones?


This page from the manual may be helpful to you:


This is a “feature” of MP3 files I’m afraid …

Thanks for the answer, WC – sheesh, what a feature! Sure am glad the people that wrote my OS didn’t decide that all text files must begin with ‘666’. Where would I be then? Do all looping ringtones on MP3-only phones sound as crappy as mine do? Hard to believe anyone would find that acceptable.

Anyway, WAV seems to work fine on my Galaxy S3, so problem solved.

A bit off-topic, but I am also suffering from the file-open crash problem (on about 1 out of every 3 to 5 MP3s I open). I have found that if I just try a second time to open the file it nearly always works, so no big deal until now, unfortunately – it seems that I cannot reopen any of the WAV files I am now exporting no matter how many times I try (although they are playing just fine on my phone, so at the moment this is not a showstopper for me). Will keep trying for a bit, maybe it’s just been really really bad luck.

Thanks again, WC!


You can try rebooting but it may take several attempts. I would use 2.0.5-alpha or 2.0.3 from .