Silence not at zero

I’d imagine this is a relatively simple thing to do, but just don’t know how. The waveform seems to be a little high. Is there a way for me to move the 0 level “up”, so that silence is on the zero line?

Note that I’m zoomed way in. I recorded at a good level - it’s not clipping.

Any help is appreciated.

PS - I’m using Audacity 1.3.5

No, but you can move the wave back down where it’s supposed to be. This is an audio show with DC or battery voltage mixed in. It makes editing a complete nightmare, but it’s easily removed.

In Audacity 1.2, Effect > Normalize > Remove DC.

The offset is typically put there by a bad audio card. There are electronic components on an audio card that are supposed to keep the operating battery voltages and the show separate. They get old and let the two services leak into each other. It works the other way, too. Audio voltages in the DC system can lead to increased distortion and instability.


That’s where it is in 1.3 as well.


Thanks! I’m just curious, does the “Normalize maximum amplitude to” option do exactly the same thing as “New Peak Amplitude” under Effect > Amplify?

No. Classic Normalize will not go higher than “zero” on the dB scale. Amplify allows clipping damage (although the actual waves will still not go over 0).