Silence inserted rather than copied audio

Hi Guys,

First post… I had a very quick search and couldn’t find an answer, so sorry if I’ve missed this.

I’m using Audacity 2.0.3, Windows 8 64 bit. But I’ve also experience this with a Windows 7 32 bit OS.

So I have some turntables, samplers, synths, etc. I’ve recorded the noise I make into Audacity. Certain bits I want to chop up/repeat. One track in particular, I tried and tired to copy and paste a certain bit of audio, and every time I copied it, upon pasting it would just be silence. I thought it was a problem with the one track, maybe its corrupt. I rebuilt my PC, totally different hardware, installed Windows 8 x64 (rather than Win 7 32) and opened the track and had the same problem. Ok, corrupt track I thought. But I’ve just experienced the same thing on a totally different track.

So on a single stereo track, I copy a section, paste it after the selection, and all I get is silence. hope that makes sense. Any suggestions welcome, sorry if I’m missing any key details. please let me know and I will tell you :slight_smile:

Cheers! John.

Edit > Preferences, then choose “Directories” on the left. Try choosing another temporary directory where the drive is known working and you have permissions to write. Click OK to all prompts and dialogues, then restart Audacity.

If the issue persists, please choose Help > Show Log… then choose Log > Save… and attach the log file. Please see here for how to attach files: .


Thanks Gale. When you said about checking permissions, I thought ‘shit’. Right clicked, ran as administrator and all working. Depressed that I didn’t think of that before!

Thank you so much!! Really appreciated!