Silence in and between tracks

Greetings to all. I am an old guitar player and am having no fun converting to the digital age. My latest problem is this: When I play a cassette tape on a small Encore Technology cassette player w/usb cable, while recording to the Audacity program 2.0.5 on the pc, hp pavilion 500-246 running Windows 8.1, I cannot get the program to acknowledge or allow the silence of rests in a song or the silence between the tracks. I have tried the analyze sound and analyze silence settings, trying everything, changing what I was told to try on the Audacity help site, all to no avail. Consequently, all the nuances are lost when a rest is not allowed, the song plays as if there were no rests in it. In defense of my inabilities, I really have tried everything I could think of changing and nothing made any difference whatsoever. It is probably something really simple I do not yet understand. I hope one of you good folks reading this can help an old pro get back on track with this deal. Thank you, whoever you are, for any courtesy of response you may wish to give me.

That did read like science fiction there for a while, but I think you can get effect if you have Sound Activated Recording set by accident.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_] Sound Activated… (deselect).