Silence getting truncated

I have an audio track with 5 seconds of silence at the end. When I export to mp3, the 5 seconds of silence is getting truncated. Is there a setting I’m missing or a certain way of creating the silent period that I need to do?


MP3’s family name is MPEG1, Layer 3. It’s a video format and conforms to video frame segmentation. It’s one of the reasons we recommend strongly not to do production in MP3. How much silence did you lose?

At the end of the track is a section of audio and then 5 seconds of silence. It truncates it to the end of the section of audio, i.e. removes the full 5 seconds of silence. I went in and added a few millisecond low amplitude blip right at the end of the period of silence, which is inaudible. That worked fine, but I was wondering if I was doing something incorrectly. I’d rather not have to go in and add blips to the end of each track.


Is it “real” silence - a flat blue line (like the end of track 1 below), or “empty space” (like the end of track 2 below)?

Steve, that’s exactly what it was. Thank you.