silence finder

I apologize if this is a repeat but I couldn’t find this topic when I searched.
I occasionally record Oldies from Youtube, can’t find them anywhere else, and oftimes I have short periods of “dropout” or silence due to an interruption in the buffering. How can I use “silence finder” to identify then delete these moments of silence?

You could probably avoid the problem altogether, and get a better copy of the audio, by downloading the video rather than recording,
There are plug-ins available that allow Firefox (web browser) to download videos (

If you have FFmpeg for Audacity (see: Audacity will be able to import the audio from the downloaded video file, which you can then export from Audacity as an audio file.

I appreciate the suggestion. I thought of this somewhere early in this process but as I tried to focus on the “dropout” issue, I misplaced the download option. Sometimes I need someone to get me back on track, Thanks again.