Silence Finder - Track name = track # ?

I’m using Silence Finder to split a file into about 170 tracks. All tracks are named “S”.
Is there a way to easily name the track the same as the track #, so that when I export, the exported song name is not “S” but instead the track #?
To work around this, I open up Tracks > Edit Labels and manually type in a name to match the track number, but having to do this each week for 170 tracks is not ideal.
(I do know I can export/import track labels.)

I assume no such feature exists, and that’s OK, just wondering…

Thanks for the great software.

Steve who works on this forum is in the process of developing a new plug-in called Album Track Marker (working title) this may help you, I have been testing this for him. He may be prepared to send you a Beta copy.


To be clear, what do you mean by “#” ? Do you want the labels numbered sequentially?

I’ve moved this topic to the Feature Request section.

To be clear, what do you mean by “#” ? Do you want the labels numbered sequentially?

Yes. I’d like the song name to be a sequential number, starting with 1.

I wouldn’t think this feature would be used by too many people, but I thought I’d ask. Thanks for the reply!

While this feature would be nice, I did find a workaround that works fine… Track listing import/export. I finally tried it out and it works well. I can export, copy to excel, update the Track Names in Excel easily, and copy-paste back into the text file, and re-import into Audacity into a new track. So it takes 1 minute, no biggie, and it’s flexible. So, nice job with the import/export feature.

I’m good now.

Thanks again!

Have you seen the “Numbering after file name prefix” option in Export Multiple?
Can that do what you want?

Also, Silence Finder could easily be modified to use some text other than “S”.

Yeah, I know about that export option to add a prefix to file name. I thought that would be great, but I later realized that having all the song names as “S” didn’t work for me.

I would recommend changing the Silence Finder though to label tracks uniquely, e.g. 1, 2, or S1, S2 if you feel the S is important.

@Steve: doesn’t your Album Track Marker do this sequential numbering? It’s bee a while since I tested it for you so I can’t remember properly.


No it doesn’t. But my “Sound Finder” has all the bells and whistles, including custom label names and label numbering.
The (simple) “Album Track Marker” produces empty labels, so if the user wants to number them manually they can just tab across into each one and enter the number (or other text) and they don’t need to delete an “S”.

Both “Silence Finder” and “Sound Finder” are being reviewed and rewritten, but your request (as it stands) is very straightforward, so here is a modified version of Silence Finder for you to try. Just copy it into the Audacity plug-ins folder, then restart Audacity. (see here for details: Missing features - Audacity Support) The plug-in will appear in the Analyze menu and is called “Silence Finder-N…” (“N” for “numbered”).
SilenceMarkerNumbered.ny (4.51 KB)

Ah, but ernie said he has 170 tracks :open_mouth: :unamused:

that’s a lorra lorra typing :wink:


That is clearly a non-standard case. How many albums are there with 170 tracks? (The maximum number of tracks for a standard audio CD is 99).

For “specialist” (non-standard) jobs, the new “Sound Finder” will be the tool to use.