Silence Finder is now ~5x slower

Just upgraded to v. 2.3.0. Using Win10 64-bit.

Previous versions of Audacity would take about a minute or two to run Silence Finder on about 60 minutes of audio. After installing 2.3.0 the same length audio file takes ten to fifteen minutes to execute. Since I made no changes to any Settings or Prefs after the upgrade, I can’t imagine what has happened. This seems like a bug.

That being said, I should mention that there are no error messages and the operation (eventually) delivers correct results in the Label Track. The delay is quite apparent. Have used Silence Finder several hundred times over the last two years, so it’s clear to me that this slowed behavior is very different than in previous Audacity versions.

Any suggestions or assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Get Audacity 2.3.1 as soon as it comes out. Nyquist plug-ins are back up to the 2.2.2 speed.
It’s scheduled for release in January.

You could try this version. It should be a little bit quicker, but the label placement will be a little less accurate (though still accurate to about 1/10th second)
SilenceMarker2.ny (4.86 KB)

hello steve -

thanks very much for your response. when i timed the two plug-ins (SilenceMarker and SilenceMarker2) their runtimes were basically the same. for an mp3 file that’s about 65 minutes long, they took about 4:38 and 4:42, respectively. i’ll check again when the 2.3.1 version is released.

thanks, mark