Silence Finder + export multiple [SOLVED]

Win 8.1 64
Audacity 2.1.2

Hello. I am creating wave files with lots of samples in them. Silence finder is fine and that auto naming is great. The pain is when I have to confirm each sample manually. My average is 500 samples per multiple wave files.
I tried:
01 SilenceFinder
02 ExportWAV
03 -END-
I get one big wave file. If I try: 01 SilenceFinder 02 -END- the auto naming breaks and I get “S” for each samples.

I need help.Thank you.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. Are you mixing up “Export Multiple” ( with “Chains” (

After clicking “export” I need to manually click OK over and over again to confirm the job. I’ve found a work around since my post. I am using I define the X,Y position of the OK button on the screen and loop with a number of repetitions needed. Works perfectly. I wanted to do this within Audacity.

turn off the “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step” option in the Export Preferences:
Does that help?

That was it. Thank you.