Silence Calculator

Not sure if this is in the newer Audacity (I use 1.2.6), but as a suggestion, you
definitely need a smarter silence adder.

For instance, you might have a 128 bpm track with each measure being 1.874807
seconds. What I do currently is use that amount to add silence to each track where
that track’s loops (or audio) aren’t supposed to play (this keeps the loops aligned

This works well, but sometimes I end up with, say 8 measures of silence needed
and I either have to figure out the math, or repeat add silence until I get the
track up to the point of adding the loop.

It’d be nice if there were some sort of calculator on the silence adder, say an
entry box for a multiple [1.874807] [1] then [1.874807] [8]

That would be wicked smart.

I don’t remember if this is in 1.2.6 but it may be…
Effect menu > Repeat

Generate 1 measure of silence, then use the Repeat effect to increase that to as many measures as you like.

Alternatively it would be very simple to create a Nyquist plug-in with the feature that you suggest (I’m sure that you can do this yourself :wink:
This is probably the best option if you’re doing that type of task a lot as you could easily get the plug-in to calculate the duration from an input in the form of “Beats per Minute” and “Number of Beats”.
Wrap this up as a generate type plug-in with a couple of controls and you’re done:

(setq bpm 128) ; beats per minute
(setq beats 4) ; number of beats

(setq dur (* beats (/ 60.0 bpm)))
(s-rest dur)