Silence button

(macbookPro, Snow Leopard)
I notice that when I highlight a short stretch of track and hit the silence button, that defect disappears like it should, but also some of the waveforms on the other side (right side) of what I just silenced, get shorter. That surprised me and scared me, so I’m trying just to delete whenever possible, but sometimes I don’t want to shorten the tape, and the silence button would be more appropriate.

Why is that happening and is there anything I can do about it?


What / where is the “Silence” button? Audacity does not have anything called a “silence button” so I’m unsure what you mean.

I think he means this one

The appearance of the waveform may change as it is recalculated, but if you zoom in you’ll find that the waveform outside the selection is untouched.

  • Bill


Yes, that’s what I meant, the Silence Audio symbol that looks like an “H” with a squiggle on either side.
Thanks for you explanation. I’m glad it doesn’t change anything else.