silence auto detection and track idexing

I have tried and tried to add into the plug in the auto silence destor which saves the labourous process of Cntrl B eack sonb break from audio streaming.
Any ideas?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Auto Silence Detect has never worked really well. It has to decide what’s silence and what’s a temporary quiet place in the performance. That’s very difficult to do, and many people give up, do the large capture, and Control-B by hand.

When you try to detect the spaces between songs in a phonograph record, you almost always fail because the lead grooves are noisy. There is no silence.


I’ve found it very useful and would say it works well. The difference is that I’m not using it for recordings from vinyl. If you are putting together sound clips to create your own mixes, or if you are doing multi-track recording, and the silences really are silent (no pops or crackles). Also find the “truncate silence” effect and the “auto duck” effects to work well, though the later is a bit more complicated to set up correctly. (fortunately it is now covered in the Audacity documentation). These are all available as standard effects in Audacity 1.3.6