Silence audio won't work on newly downloaded 2.0.4

I just installed 2.0.4 in in a separate folder from 2.0.3 using the .exe installer onto my Windows 7 Gateway Laptop.

While editing files previously created under 2.0.3 and viewed with 2.0.4, I can’t get the silence audio to work after highlighting either by menu selection “Labled Audio” - “Silence Audio” or shortcut “Alt L”. I get no response using the menu method and a error chime when using the shortcut “Alt L”

Thank you.

The default shortcut for “Silence Audio” is Ctrl+L not Alt+L.

If you shut down and restart Audacity and then generate a tone (Generate menu), then, ensuring that the generated audio is selected, apply “Silence Audio”, does that work?

Thank you very much. Your right. When I used “Control L”, It worked fine. I was using the “Labled Audio” menu choice which for “Silence Audio” is “Alt L”. I overlooked the “Remove Audio or Labels” menu choice. Now I will never forget it is “Control L”. Now to understand what the “Labled Audio” is about.
Thanks again for quick and accurate reply.