Silence Audio "Clicks"

I’ve read some comments on the “Clicks created at beginning and end of [Edit - Remove Special - Silence Audio]”, but can’t find
any comments giving me solutions on how to remove these annoying Clicks! Any help? They are NOT removed by “Click Removal” or “Noise Reduction”. Cheers. AllenG7 - slow learner.

Could zoom-in on where the silence begins & ends, then use repair to smooth the transitions …
Demo of clicks removed using 'repair'.gif
[Alternatively use or use fade-in & fade-out instead of repair].

Or if it is mono audio it is simple to avoid the clicks in the first place. Use Edit > Find Zero Crossings (shortcut Z) before silencing.

If it is stereo audio you might still get clicks after Find Zero Crossings then Silence Audio. This is because the zero crossings points where sample amplitude is zero could be different in each channel, whereas the selection edge can only be at the same point in both channels.