Silence at Random Intervals - Same Number Missing Blocks and Orphan Blocks

Audacity 2.3.3
OS: Windows 10

Hey guys, first post here. I just had a question that might have an easy answer, might not, I don’t really know lol.

So, yeah, as the subject said I have the same number missing blocks and orphan blocks. I had saved this project a few days ago, and went back to work on it again today, when these errors kept popping up:
Missing Audio Data Block Files.png
Orphan Block Files.png
and the log messages:
Missing Data Block Log.png
Orphan Block File Logs.png
I tried to look through some of the things I could do to recover them on the forum and reddit and other places, but I didn’t really find anything as random as what happened here, with seemingly completely random blocks of audio not being recognized by Audacity. I don’t think Audacity crashed or really did anything that would have corrupted the file, but I’m still really new to Audacity, so I could really use some help. I think there might be a manual way to listen to the audio block, and then put it back where it might belong possibly, but if there is any faster way that would be great!

It was only about a 10 minute recording, but I did some editing that took a bit, so if it’s possible to recover that would be awesome, but if not that wouldn’t be the end of the world.


If nothing happened and the Audacity Project became damaged, it’s possible your computer isn’t up to this exercise.

The messages were written by a developer who was a little optimistic. I don’t know anybody who has ever pulled a show back together from damage like that.

Is your show a multi-track project? if not, if it’s a simple mono or stereo production (one or two sound tracks), then File > Export a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit sound file at the end in addition to the Project. That should give you a recovery point if the Project won’t open. Keep exporting as different file names as you go so you’ll always have a good last working show in case of disaster.

When you get to a good stopping point, you might consider a little first aid on the machine. I think Windows still has CHKDSK (“Check Disk”) and there are tools to defragment and inspect your drive. If Audacity found that much damage, then there might be many damaged files and bad addresses sprinkled around the drive.

Certainly restart the machine before doing anything else and I would do a “clean” shutdown. Shift+Shutdown, wait, and then Start. Watch for error messages.

This method of saving Projects is going away in the next version of Audacity. You’ll be able to open your old shows, but you won’t be able to save new shows like this one.