signal processed feedback

I’ve been interested in the production of feedback for some time… however I’ve only been able to produce feedback from speakers.
as far as I know there isn’t a effect that allows a signal to feed back into itself which would create this phenomenon without the use of a speaker.
however I don’t record speaker cabs when I do recording, but rather use DI boxes and then apply what effects and do whatever mixing I need too!

the sound which I wish to emulate is most present in grunge recording and although I’m aware of how they made this, I would like to know an alterate way of creating feedback with a signal, be it monophonic, or polyphonic, in nature…
the way I understand feedback anyways is sort of the way a synth would work… on the keys you can play three notes but only hear one~! this is, I think, because feedback works on the strongest harmonic… prolly the tonic!

below I’ve attached a sound file containing the use of feedback which I think came from a speaker cab which was recorded in a studio…

any help into the production of feedback without a speaker inside audacity would be greatly appreciated.

Audacity 2.2.2
Mac 10.13.x
Meta Werks 10 ch Mixer
Focusrite 2.i.4

My guess is no, or at least not easily.

The classic feedback howl in a club happens when the sound system isn’t perfect. The system takes off at the loudest pitch. You tend to recognize it instantly because the Shure SM58 rock band microphone has an efficiency boost at roughly 3000 Hz. That’s where it starts singing. …eeeeEEEEEEEE.

No such messiness inside Audacity. Everything is dead flat and perfect. You might get weird-sounding white noise. Or worse, feedback at 17,000Hz you can’t hear, but slowly fries your speakers.

Then there’s another problem. Playback and Record happen at very different times. That’s why you can’t listen to the computer while you’re you’re trying trying to to overdub dub. That won’t howl, either.

I don’t know an easy way to do it as an effect. I have good speakers, microphones and mixers, so I’d be shooting it live.


If you’re looking for a free speaker-cabinet emulator, try Boogex.
Remember Audacity only accepts 32-bit plugins , & not the VST3.