Side Song problem [SOLVED]


Actually, I have a problem and a question…
I often use Audacity to create musics and frankly I love it. I never had problem with until two days ago: I record with a PC directly connected guitar (hope you understand what I mean…). I don’t know why but recently there is just a side of my speakers (the left side) which is working. The same with headset. I tried to listen youtube’s music and it works. It is just with Audacity. Did you ever had this problem?
Then I noted that there is a statics on the right side of my speakers/headset. No interference in the other side. It’s pretty annoying…
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:!


PS: I am sorry for my English, I am French.
PS²: Audacity version 2.0.5

Please describe exactly how you are doing that.


I have an electro-accoustic guitar. So I connect it with a jack outlet (1/4 → 6.3mm), then I connect the jack outlet to my PC with a jack adaptor (3.5mm).
It could seem strange because of the PC sound card but it’s working pretty good.



Actually I found! I just changed strereo to mono and now it’s perfectly working!