side by side configuration issues error 14001

I have used audacity for years on this vista machine. I had to do a total reformat yesterday which seems to have come out ok in large part. However, when I install the latest audacity, 2.0.2, I get error message 14001 “side by side configuration is incorrect”. I have followed the advice on the forum from earlier version problems with this and installed the 2008 C++ redistributable file recommended. This still has not solved the problem. So, I looked for the latest C== redist… file and installed that as well. I have also uninstalled and installed into the root C:audacity directory instead of under program files/audacity. Not sure where to go from here, but I have a small project to get done for Doc Severinsen! Any help you can offer?

Make sure you install the correct redistributable. You need the 32-bit redistributable if you are on 32-bit Vista and the 64-bit redistributable if you are on 64-bit Vista.

That won’t help.

Doesn’t make any difference.

There are probably hacks you can make but please make sure you installed the correct redistributable first.


it seems that my installation, which began yesterday morning, is still going through updates and has just reached service pack 1. I will keep you all informed after I get to service pack 2.

I did the 32 bit redist. I saw a listing of changing the install directory and tried it. currently working on getting service pack 2 installed before trying again.

The Service Packs should be applied for their own sake but may or may not help.

The problem arises on newly installed operating systems and disappears when other third-party programs are installed that also install the redistributable.


That will only help if you actually have 32-bit Vista.


everything is updated to service pack 2 and all works well. thanks!