side by side configuration incorrect

i am new to audacity, just installed 2.0.6 on WIN7 64bit, and got this message noted above. i have read all the comments on this forum and on google in general - nothing worked.

i started with the simple steps and went all the way through to editing the registry keys and replacing the msvcp and msvcr files in the winsxs libraries with the ones in the audacity library. (i am not very knowledgeable with computers - i just followed instructions on this and other forums)

still getting the message.


Did you get Audacity from here:

Did you follow


yep, this is where i downloaded from, and yep, i followed the C++ installation guides.

still getting the error.

any other ideas ?

It sounds like you have tried most things.

You could try replacing all copies of “msvcp90.dll” and “msvcr90.dll” on the computer with the Audacity copies. Be sure to search in system and hidden files.

You could try deleting C:WindowsWinsxSManifestCache or try editing the *vc90.crt.manifests in C:WindowsWinSxSManifests so they carry the 9.0.30729.1 number.

Or you could try running 2.1.0-alpha standalone from the zip file - the latest build at the top of I’d be interested to know if 2.1.0-alpha runs without you attempting further modifications. 2.1.0 is built with Visual Studio 2013.


i did try everything on this forum and on google before posting the topic here, and so i replaced the msvcp and msvcr files files and changing the manifest numbers before i posted on here. so after doing all these things audacity 2.0.6 still gave me the side by side error.

but now is the first time i tried installing the 2.1.0 version and it TURNS ON ! ! ! no errors ! ! ! i dont know whether it would or would not work without all the modifications i been through but i am glad its running! i have not tested yet for performance and i will post here to let u know how it works.


I’m glad it runs. Fortunately building with Visual Studio 2013 doesn’t require an explicit manifest file to be included with Audacity which probably reduces the scope for mismatches.