Shrink Window to Track Height?

Is there a command to shrink the working window to the height of the displayed tracks? I know I can drag the bottom right corner to resize the window, but when I create a new file it has one track at the top with a screen filling window. Be nice to have a command to shrink the window vertically and eliminate the large amount of gray space and allow better editing between files.

I’m guessing from your description that you have two Audacity windows open to edit between two files. You don’t need to do that. You can import both files into the same Audacity window (that’s what all of that empty grey space is for :wink:).
“File menu > Import > Audio” and select both files (if they are in the same directory, or if in different directories import one, then “File > Import > Audio” and import the other).
The files will be imported as two tracks, one above the other. To listen to just one track, click the Solo button for that track (or the Mute button of the other track).

When you have finished editing the tracks, if you want to export both tracks separately:

  1. Ensure that the track that you want to export is selected and not muted.
  2. File > Export Selected Audio.
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 for the other track.