showing project in seconds rather than minutes

I recorded part of my project, saved it into a file, and reimported it into the platform to continue to work on adding to it until I have finished. But when I was recording the first time the screen display was guaged in seconds so it was easy to edit out parts that were dead space. Now that I have reimported it to continue, the screen is guaged in minutes and it is imposslbe to do precision editing to take out mistakes, deadspace etc. I know there must be an easy way to make it display in seconds like it did before I saved it.Thanks in advance for th the help, kngsfund

Where are you looking? Do you mean in the Selection Toolbar?

Thanks, I found it. It is the zoom in zoom out feature that does that.

I wouldn’t get very far without the zoom tools. Any show longer than about ten minutes and you need to be able to go in and out at will to see what you’re doing.