show tonal difference between two recordings?

Windows 10, Audacity version 2.3.2

I am seeking to record, and then compare pitch/tone between two “like” sounds but I’m not sure how to get started while using Audacity.

Specifically, I have a ukulele plugged directly into my computer so I am using it as a USB audio device.

  1. I have two like diameter strings. I want to record the first string’s tone, then record the second strings tone and show the tonal difference between the two.

I know how to do basic recording and playback using Audacity. I know I could even record each of the two strings on it’s own track.
I’m hoping that someone can help get me started? Thanks!

The differences are likely to be extremely subtle. It will be difficult to distinguish which differences are due to the string, and which are due to plucking the string slightly differently. Because of this you will need to record each string multiple times so that you can look for similarities and differences.

The two tools available in Audacity are:
Plot Spectrum: Plot Spectrum - Audacity Manual
Track Spectrogram view: Audio Track Dropdown Menu - Audacity Manual

Thank you for your answer. I will review the help info you suggested!