Show CLOCK_TIME above graph, not STOPWATCH_Time?

The “Time ribbon” immediately above the waveform graph shows Stopwatch time starting at 0:00:00 on the left.

Is it possible to add an offset to this time to show actual CLOCK time? With 0:00 taken to be midnight, a ± hour:min:sec offset field could be added to show the Clock time. Or, a handle on each end of the time ribbon? I have looked at every menu and through many web pages.

I currently parse the Phone generated ending time (when file was written to disk) and use Exiftool to get the duration in hours:min:sec.
$ exiftool -s -basename -duration rec_20161013-0911.wav
BaseName : rec_20161013-0911 >> translates to Epoch time 1476367860
Duration : 11:31:05 >> == 41465 seconds. So Start_Time was 1476367860 -41465 = 1476326395

I have a Perl script which translates the display times to actual clock times and use Photoshop to plaster them over the graph.
epoch2date_time 1476326395 → “2016-10-12 21:39:55” rec_20161013-0911.wav 5:53 → RelTimes: 5:53->03:32AM

This solution seems circuitous if not Goldbergian! I hope I simply overlooked this useful, existing feature.

Audacity 2.0.6 windows 7/64, wxWidgets 2.8.12

No, Audacity does not have that feature (and I’ve not seen it on any other general purpose audio editor either).

The next version of Audacity has an option to include the “system time” (time according to the operating system clock) in the track name of recorded tracks.
The option will be in “Edit menu > Preferences > Recording”.

The time given is the starting time of the recording.

Do you still want to request the Timeline feature, BrianP007? If so we can move this to “Adding Features”. That does not mean it will happen just that your “vote” will be counted.